Be remembered with a video featuring your business. Fusion Forward can write, shoot and produce a memorable video or commercial to get your name out to your target audience. Check out what we did for Dunlap Motors, First United Methodist Church and Stability RX.   Contact Sarah today and we can get your business on camera!

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Aerial Imaging

Have a project that needs that special touch. A different viewpoint or awesome aerial shots? Fusion Forward can provide amazing aerial photos and videos that will take your marketing to the next level. Literally “Above” the rest. Stop in for a FREE CONSULTATION and we can give you options to take your project above and…

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Look Professional


Does your logo say about you? With so many consumers seeing your logo on the web, it’s more important than ever that your logo represent you in a professional way. Fusion Forward can help.    Stop in for a FREE CONSULTATION and let us help your company STAND OUT against the rest.   Contact Sarah today…

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School is right around the corner. Are you scrambling to get that cute back to school sign ordered or created? Let’s be real “Ain’t no Mama got time for that!” Fusion Forward to the rescue… we did it for you and best news yet…it’s FREE! Download your back to school graphic below here

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Fusion Forward - Design, Marketing, Public Relations, Independence, Iowa

Are people talking about your business? Do people perceive your business the way you want them to? Fusion Forward can help keep your business in the spot light! We can get the good word out to your customers and community. Stop in for a FREE CONSULTATION and we can give you Social Media and Public Relations marketing…

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