Fusion Forward Staff

Ever wonder who is behind all of the social media posts, website designs, and promotional materials? Here is your chance to get to know the staff that works at Fusion Forward with a quick game of 20 Questions.


  • E = Emma Fangman, Copywriter
  • J = Jimmy Lizarraga, Social Media Specialist
  • K = Kristin Pierce, Account Manager
  • T = Terra Gissel, Creative Designer

1.       What is your fondest childhood memory?

  • E – Camping in Prairie Du Chien with my friends and family.
  • J – Playing baseball and football in my backyard with my family.
  • K – Summertime vacations with my family. Specifically, there is a place in North Carolina we have been to many times, and we would spend hours on the beach and in the waves.
  • T – Too many, but one of my favorites is candy from other states

2.       Who/what motivates you?

  • E – Making a difference
  • J – Creating an impact in the lives of others
  • K – Serving others and being able to help those in need
  • T – My kids

3.       What is your go-to karaoke song?

  • E – Any Man of Mine
  • J – Colt 45
  • K – I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  • T – Baby Got Back

4.       What always makes you laugh?

  • E – Step Brothers
  • J – My dad
  • K – Playing “What Do You Meme” with my family
  • T – Goat videos

5.       What is the last movie you went to?

  • E – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
  • J – It Chapter 2
  • K – Frozen 2
  • T – Frozen 2

6.       If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  • E – Summer cookout food
  • J – Steak
  • K – Spaghetti with a nice salad and ice cream with strawberries and chocolate for dessert
  • T – Pasta

7.       What is your favorite thing about your job?

  • E – Getting to do what I love with some really awesome people
  • J – Helping promote schools through social media
  • K – My coworkers
  • T – My coworkers

8.       What was your favorite subject in school?

  • E – Journalism
  • J – Psychology or Strategic Leadership
  • K – Science, even though it was probably the most difficult for me
  • T – Art

9.       What is the best and worst advice you’ve ever received?

  • E – Best: “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Worst: “One person can’t really make a difference.”
  • J – Best: “Don’t settle for being average and discipline is doing what needs to be done, even when you don’t feel like doing it.” Worst: “Follow your passion.” Most people ask questions about their future and get this answer. It is your job not to find or follow your passion, but to create it.
  • K – Best: “Always be kind and compassionate to those you meet and encounter, because you never know their full story or what they are going through.” Worst: Nothing comes to mind at the moment.
  • T – Best: “Don’t worry about what others think.” Worst: I don’t recall bad advice.

10.   If you had a warning label, what would it say?

  • E – Warning: Sensitive
  • J – Warning: Baseball 24/7
  • K – Warning: Will stop and pet every dog in sight
  • T – Warning: Emotional

11.   What is your favorite sport to watch? Play?

  • E – Watch: Football. Play: Soccer.
  • J – Baseball, duh.
  • K – My favorite sport to watch and play is basketball
  • T – I don’t do sports….

12.   What is your drink of choice?

  • E – Diet Dew or margaritas
  • J – Water, margaritas, and wine
  • K – Moscow Mule or chocolate milk
  • T – Hot Tea

13.   What show are you watching right now?

  • E – The Mandalorian
  • J – No shows right now. More of a movie guy.
  • K – Shark Tank
  • T – The Crown

14.   If you were to become famous, what for?

  • E – Writing a book
  • J – Motivating others to achieve their goals
  • K – Being a guest on the Ellen Show and winning one of her “games”
  • T – Some type of design

15.   What skill would you like to master?

  • E – Another language
  • J – The ability to learn faster and the ability to master my mind
  • K – Baking GOOD gluten free bread… or knitting
  • T – Photography

16.   What is the furthest you’ve ever been from home?

  • E – Mexico
  • J – Mexico
  • K – New Zealand
  • T – Jamaica

17.   What is your guilty pleasure?

  • E – Watching Riverdale
  • J – Margaritas
  • K – Bacon
  • T – I watch Teen Mom.

18.   What is something you think everyone should do at least once?

  • E – Work in customer service
  • J – Travel somewhere foreign
  • K – Travel to another country or continent
  • T – Travel to another country

19.   What is the hardest lesson you’ve ever learned?

  • E – Failure is necessary.
  • J – Life never goes as planned. It is up to you and only you to deal with adversity and get up even stronger.
  • K – I studied the Holocaust for a month in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Denmark in college and from studying such a hard and dark time in history, I truly learned that we need to care for others, despite differences and stand up for what is wrong. We cannot let history repeat itself.
  • T – Unfortunately, you can’t trust everyone.

20.   What has been a major turning point for you in your life so far?

  • E – Going to college. I learned SO much!
  • J – Failure and pain in life, relationships, and sports have all shaped my growth.
  • K – Graduating college and taking on the “real world”… and all that comes with that new chapter of life.
  • T – Hmmm…