Benefits of Using WordPress

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WordPressWe build most of our sites with WordPress as we find it to be very user friendly for us and our clients. WordPress acts as a very powerful content management system (CMS), storing images, audio, video, pdfs and other documents for easy use on all of your website pages.

Easy to Use

WordPress is software that is installed on your web server. To edit your website, just login to the site from a web browser and access the backend admin panel. From there you can do everything from adding and editing pages to uploading, resizing, and cropping images.

If you can send an e-mail, use Microsoft Word or set up a Facebook account, then you can use WordPress. And normal use doesn’t run the risk of messing up the design of your website. Since WordPress is online, it means as long as you’ve got Internet access, you could work from wherever you are.

  • The WordPress dashboard is informative and intuitive
  • There are links to edit pages on each page
  • The editing dashboard is clean and well-designed based on the input of thousands of users in the WordPress community
  • It allows you to upload pictures or files, and link to them or display them on your pages
  • You can save your unfinished pages, work on them later, and publish them when you are ready
  • Before publishing, you can preview the pages and check how it will look to site visitors

Multiple Authors

WordPress offers multiple users, which means you can grant access to the backend of your website to as many or as few people as you’d like.  The user system allows different levels of users, with each having different privileges with regard to publishing, editing, options, and other users.


With WordPress you enter the Do-It-Yourself world. No more waiting for and paying a programmer to fix a tiny error, therefore saving you time and money. Once the WordPress CMS platform is installed on your website, you will be able to edit pages whenever you would like.

Open Source

With WordPress you’re not locked into any single web services firm, and just about any firm is able to work on your website when it’s open source. You’re free to choose a hosting company that gives you the best service and value to maintain your site.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress makes it easier to optimize your site for search engines. That means your site is more likely to land on the first page of Google results, which means people are more likely to find you.

WordPress comes with search engine friendly technology built right in. It can help a business reap more benefits by following best practices and earning good search engine rankings on all major search engines. The fact is that WordPress can drive more traffic to your website increasing the possibility of converting your visitors into customers.


There are thousands of plug-ins available for WordPress that expand its capabilities. This means if you’re looking to add locations on your pages using an interactive map, add a contact form to your site, or backup your website files each night, there’s a plug-in for that!

Our favorite plug-ins include Google Analytics, contact forms, search engine optimization, event calendars, advanced photo galleries, and automatic backups.

Social Media

WordPress is completely compatible with all forms of social media like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.