Why your business should be using social media

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Why your business should be using social media


The growing trend of online social media has taken over every generation, new and old.  That means more and more people are online, including businesses.  But, many businesses may not understand why they need to participate in social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Whether your business is using social media or not, your customers are! Social networking is one of the fastest-growing media divisions businesses are using to reach their clients on a daily basis.  Instead of one-to-one interaction, like word of mouth marketing, social media allows for one-to- many communications.  With social media you are able to share information, events and content with hundreds of people in a short amount time.

Thanks to social media, businesses can often be found sooner on web searches like Google. Having a social media presence draws attention to your business during internet searches. The more people who are contributing on your Facebook, Twitter and business webpage, the more likely you can be found when a new customer “searches” your business.

Often social media is either free or has very little cost for your business.  Fusion Forward can show you how to use this powerful tool and create an internet presence that will reach out to your customers, as well as those who may be looking for you and your services.

It is imperative for companies to be a part of the social sphere to create buzz about their company and interact with their customers. It’s the companies who aren’t creating an online presence for themselves that are losing out to the competition.