Did You Know? Our services can be covered from PPEL!

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The Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) funding can be used for several purposes, and technology happens to be one of them. To receive funding, the cost, whether stand-alone or part of a bundle, must:

  • Meet the definition of technology (see below)
  • Meet the $500 per unit cost threshold in PPEL
  • Be in reality a license renewal fee; an internet subscription, license, or fee; a cable or satellite service, or a technical assistance support contract that does not include maintenance

The Iowa Department of Education defines technology as:

  • “Hardware, non-instructional software and software required to provide functionality to the hardware, wireless presenters, networking and connectivity systems, computing storage, website development services, hardware carrying equipment, licensing, and technical assistance for installation of hardware, software, or software updates.”

Additionally, a district can pay for subsequent or discrete contracted technology services from PPEL. Even if the contracted technology service is not part of the initial bundled technology purchase, it may still qualify as a technology cost, if it meets the requirements listed above.

For example, if a district contracts with an outside vendor (like Fusion Forward) for website design, and the purchase meets the $500 threshold, it can be paid for from PPEL, as website design appears to be technology technical assistance which is not maintenance.