Good to Know: Keyboard Shortcuts

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Good to know: Keyboard Shortcuts

keyboard-ball-bigKeyboard shortcuts make life easier; they help you save time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse. With these hotkeys combos, you’ll be able to knock out useful tasks in seconds.  Here are a few basic shortcuts and some that may be new to you.

Trying to add a registered trademark symbol into some text?  Just hold down the alt key and use the number pad of your keyboard.

  • Copyright – 0169 – ©
  • Registered – 0174 – ®
  • Trademark – 0153 – ™

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Here are some of our favorite shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator. We operate our software from PCs so these may vary if you are using a MAC.

  • Select all items on the art board: Ctrl + A
  • Select the pent tool: P
  • Select the type tool: T
  • Convert selected text to outlines: Ctrl + Shift + O
  • Save file: Ctrl + S
  • Undo an action: Ctrl + Z

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  • Copy a selected item: Ctrl+C
  • Cut a selected item: Ctrl+X
  • Paste a selected item: Ctrl+V
  • Undo an action: Ctrl+Z
  • Redo that thing I just undid: Ctrl+Y
  • Select everything: Ctrl+A
  • Print: Ctrl+P
  • Switch between open programs: Alt + Tab or Alt + Esc
  • Switch between tabs in a program: Ctrl + Tab
  • Save file: Ctrl + S
  • Lock your computer: Windows key + L
  • Create a new folder: Shift + Ctrl + N
  • Minimize all open windows: Windows Key + M

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  • Copy a selected item: Command+C
  • Cut a selected item: Command+X
  • Paste a selected item: Command+V
  • Undo an action: Command+Z
  • Redo that thing I just undid: Shift+Command+Z
  • Select everything: Command+A
  • Print: Command+P
  • Put Computer to sleep: Command + Option + Media Eject
  • Open the Applications Folder: Command + Shift +A
  • Eject a disk: Command +E

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  • Turns on Caps Lock: Double-tap the Shift key
  • Type a different domain suffix: Hold down the .com button. A popup will appear with .net, .edu and .org buttons. Slide your finger to one you want and then release.
  • Quickly access the pause, volume, and skip buttons while in other apps: Double-click the Home button

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