How can we help you STAND OUT?

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Need help with your organization’s PR or marketing? Sure, you could continue to have a staff member manage all of these things, but will they treat it as their #1 priority? At Fusion Forward, promoting your district through engaging social media content, eye-catching graphics and meaningful words is our top priority.

Why does my organization need marketing?

Customer retention and marketing go hand in hand. When a current customer sees all of the great things your organization is doing, they feel confident in their choice to work with you. Great marketing also attracts the attention of potential customers, helping you and your organization grow.

We can help you stand out.

Fusion Forward has knowledge in multiple areas, such as graphic design, website design and maintenance, social media development and management, image capture and editing, printed material design, content writing, and video production.

Think it’s too costly?

We can make the cost and hours work for you. For example, a 10 hour/month package is just $650.

Still not sure?

Reach out to us by calling (319) 334-9300 or emailing us. We can’t wait to hear from you!