How to boost your Facebook presence

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If you’re wondering why it’s important to have a good Facebook presence, take a moment to think about your friends, family, and coworkers. How many of them don’t use Facebook? We would guess it’s probably not many.

It’s no secret that Facebook has set itself apart in the world of social media. It has become the biggest social media platform available, reaching over 60 percent of internet users daily. But it has become so much more than a social media platform. Because Facebook is consistently adapting to what its users need, it has managed to stay relevant over the years – and grow exponentially.

So, how do you crack the code when it comes to posting relevant, engaging content? And after that, how do you reach your targeted audience? We have some ideas for you.

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Vary your medium

In other words, switch it up and keep your audience guessing when you’re making posts. While Motivation Monday and Flashback Friday posts every single week can be fun, you don’t want your audience to become accustomed to your social media practices. For example, businesses who always post photos and never use video become predictable. You want people to stop scrolling when they come across your posts – which can be done by posting a video, creating a poll, sharing posts from other relevant pages, and more. While generic posts with photos are by far the easiest to develop and follow through on, you’ll see a lot more engagement on posts that are different from what you regularly put out there.

Let your audience go “behind the scenes”

Humans are naturally curious. Some of your audience members might wonder what a typical day at the office is like, or what kinds of projects you have in the works, or what your company’s culture is like. Take them on a live video tour through your office and chat with your coworkers, or give them a sneak peek of an upcoming product release or project. People love feeling like they’re in on a little secret, and they may be more likely to work with you in the future if they feel like they know you and your company a little better.

Share customer feedback

Many of the posts on Facebook involve someone asking for suggestions or feedback. Whether it’s the best place to take your dog to get groomed, best hair salon, or best car dealership, people like to know where their friends and family have gone in the past before venturing out on their own. If you have customers or clients who are willing to share their feedback, pair it with an eye-catching photo or graphic, and you’re done.

Share your perspective

If you don’t already have a blog, you may want to consider starting one. Blogs are a great way to not only share your ideas and advice with your audience, but also to explain how you can help them. Sharing blog posts to your Facebook page will drive traffic to your website, increase awareness about your company and what you do, and shed a light on your company’s culture and personality. The beauty of a company blog is that it can be whatever you decide you want it to be.

Invite them back

One of the simplest yet effective social media practices you should adopt is inviting your audience back for more. Take time to look through who is interacting with your posts, whether they’re liking, commenting, or sharing, and invite them to “like” your page if they haven’t already. Because of how Facebook’s algorithm works, Facebook users don’t necessarily have to “like” your page to see your posts. They may be seeing some of your posts already because one of their Facebook friends may be engaging with them, so they may not know they don’t already “like” your page. By inviting them, they’ll be able to see all of your posts – regardless of whether their Facebook friends engage with them.

With the statistics we mentioned earlier about Facebook’s billions of users, it’s pretty safe to say that your target audience is on Facebook – and so are your competitors. What are you doing to STAND OUT?