Marketing still matters – even during a pandemic

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It’s no question that Coronavirus has likely made a dramatic impact on your business – and will probably continue to do so for quite some time. Some businesses are struggling to make ends meet, while others have been forced to close their doors forever. If you’re one of the businesses still toughing it out, hopefully, you’re able to use this time to rethink your marketing efforts. Not sure where to start? Here are a few things you should think about doing right now to help with marketing during a pandemic.

Connect with your audience on social media.

If you’ve never really used your social media pages, now is a perfect time to start. Social media users are spending more and more time on social media right now, so make sure your business’s presence is exactly how you want it.

Use this checklist to make sure your social media accounts are up to par:

  • Has your logo changed? Make sure the most updated version is visible on your social media pages right away. Use it as your profile picture or header photo.
  • Has any of your contact information changed? If you’ve moved offices or have a new email address, you’ll want to update that on your social media pages so clients can reach you.
  • How often do you make posts? Are they effective? Consider posting more/less often, or changing up your strategy. Maybe customer testimonials get the most likes, but your videos reach more people. Take your observations about your posts and formulate a plan for future social media posts.
  • Are you proud of your social media pages? It really all boils down to this question. If people ask you if you have a Facebook page, do you hesitate to give them the link? Avoid this by taking the time to create a plan to make your social media presence one you’re proud of.

Show that you care.

Pre-COVID, your marketing efforts were likely geared towards retaining your current customers and gaining new business. While that is still something to keep in mind, many prospective customers may not have the means to do business with you right now. Keep their interest by showing them you care: donate your time (or your money, if you can) and show support to your local community. They might not be able to give you their business quite yet – but once they’re ready, they’ll remember how you showed support in a tough time.

  • Here are a few ways you can show your support:
    • Volunteer at a local nonprofit organization
    • Order lunch for your office from a local restaurant
    • Write letters to nursing home residents

Unique circumstances = unique opportunities.

Many businesses are offering special discounts or selling special products that they wouldn’t normally offer outside of a pandemic. This works really well since many are looking for ways to save money without compromising on quality. A discounted product or service might be all it takes to get your on-the-fence customers to jump on board.

Bonus: share positive customer testimonials on your social media. Encourage your happy customers who take advantage of your special offers to share their experience, and they might just help some other potential customers see the great things your business can offer.

Go above and beyond with your clients.

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This is always an important reminder, but it means a lot more in times like this. Make sure you’re still being paid for your services, but show some empathy if payments come a day late. If clients aren’t quite comfortable with meeting in person, schedule a phone call or Zoom meeting so they still get the services they need. Your clients certainly won’t forget it if you go the extra mile for them during a tough time.

Bonus tip: Consider offering something special to longtime clients to thank them for supporting your business over the years. Partner with a local bakery to give them a sweet treat, offer a special service or discount, etc.

Have some extra time on your hands? Use this time to work on YOU.

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This could be the perfect time to unveil a new website, a rebranding campaign, or a fresh new logo. Think about ways to improve your company’s culture, or conduct employee reviews. At the very least, sit down and make a list of what is and is not working for your business right now. Create a plan to continue doing what works and improve on what isn’t.

Even if you can’t justify spending money on a rebranding campaign, a new website, or a new logo right now, these are still great ideas to write down and save for a better time.

Bottom line = keep moving forward. Even if your business has to temporarily close its doors, continue to find ways to serve your clients even better when you can reopen. Use these ever-evolving times as an opportunity to make your business better than ever.

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