Social Media Series: Promotion

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Welcome to our Social Media Series! We will be sharing tips and tricks over the next few weeks to help you make the most of your social media channels for your business. This week, we’re talking about social media promotion. Whether you want to promote an upcoming event, a new service or product, or all of the great services you offer – there are several ways you can get the word out on your social media platforms:

  • Videos
  • Social media graphics
  • Press releases (shared from your website)
  • Contests/giveaways
  • Events – Grand opening, customer appreciation, open house, etc.

Once you know how you want to get the word out, the next step is to hone in on your target audience. The age(s) you are trying to reach will determine the best way to spread your information. For example, teens can be reached on social media platforms like Instagram, while older audiences are more likely to be found on Facebook.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to spread the word quickly and efficiently.

DO: Follow branding guidelines.

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Using the same fonts, colors, writing style, and overall “look” when using design elements helps you and your business become more recognizable. Changing up your look too often can lead to confusion. If you don’t already have branding guidelines in place, you may want to start thinking about implementing some.

DO: Keep it simple.

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If you have a lot of information to share, consider sharing it another way. Long social media posts often get lost in the shuffle, so grab your audience’s attention with an eye-catching graphic and a link to a press release on your website if you have lots of information to share. You can also create a video to post on social media.

DO: Start early and take your time.

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Start thinking about spreading the news on social media early on so you have time to strategize. You’ll want plenty of time to get your messaging right if you’re announcing a new product or service. If you’re promoting an event, it’s best to start advertising at least a few weeks in advance to be sure your audience can make it.

DON’T: Overshare.

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There is nothing wrong with sharing good news a few times, but try not to overload your audience. Sharing the same post about all of your products and services too often can cause them to tune out your posts, so be sure to change up how you share your information on social media. Of course, when promoting an event, you’ll want to share it frequently to be sure you reach as many people as possible. Sharing the event a few times per week about a month or two before your event should do the trick.

DON’T: Leave out important information.

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Be sure the method you choose to spread your information doesn’t leave your audience hanging. Always include your contact information and encourage them to reach out if they would like more information. If you’re promoting an event, don’t forget to include the date, time, and location. Include a rain date, cost to attend the event, ticket information, and age requirements, if applicable.

How can Fusion Forward help?

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Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with:

  • Identifying your target audience
  • Developing your brand (logo design, font and color selection)
  • Graphic design (social media graphics, business cards, and much more)
  • Social media guidelines (How/when to post, writing social media posts)
  • Press release writing and distribution
  • Professional video production
  • And so much more!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like more information on social media promotion for your business. We can’t wait to chat with you!