What is Website Hosting?

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dedciated-web-hostingOnce your website is complete you’ll need to publish it on the World Wide Web, otherwise no one will be able to visit your webpage; this is where web hosting comes in.

Web Hosting is a service provided by a vendor which offers a physical location for the storage of your website, web pages, and files.  Think of a web hosting company as a landlord, they rent physical space on their servers allowing webpages to be viewed on the internet.  These servers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that anybody in the world can access your website at any time.

There are many web hosting companies to choose from, so picking an appropriate host can be a difficult task. The prices range from free to hundreds of dollars a year.  Generally speaking, the more you pay the more you get. Higher rates should bring you more storage space, more bandwidth to handle internet traffic, and more services such as databases, email accounts, mass mailers, and the ability to add custom scripts. Higher rates can also mean better technical service if you have problems with your website.

Choosing a Web Host
Picking from the many web hosting companies can be challenging.  Here are a few quick tips to help you choose among the different web hosting options:

  • Is the host reputable? Do a web search for the host to find what people are saying about it.
  • Is the host’s price reasonable? Some hosts offer a discount in the first year. Check that the price after the first year remains reasonable.
  • Does the host offer the facilities you need? Most hosts offer all the basics, but you should check if you have special requirements such as a Windows server or daily backups.
  • Are the host’s servers located close to your target audience? If the company’s servers are in India but your audience is in North America, your visitors may find pages slow to open.

Fusion Forward can help you with this process of your website project, as we understand picking a web hosting company can be challenging.  We have experience and knowledge regarding reliable hosting companies and can help you make the choice depending on your project needs and website requirements.

What is a Web Server?
Whichever hosting company you choose, it helps to understand some of the technical details about their service.  Every host has dedicated computers/servers which connect to the Internet and serve pages when they are requested.  That is, whenever anyone wants to see a certain web page by clicking on a link the request is sent to the specific server where that web page is stored.  The server responds by sending HTML data across the internet.  A web server must have a fast connection to be able to serve pages quickly.  For the greatest speed and reliability, find a host that has multiple high-speed connections as well as reliable back up power supplies in case of power outages.

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