We’re talking to you, 47%!

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47% of small businesses still don’t have websites. What are you waiting for, 47%?!

Most of these businesses without websites say their business “does not need a website.” Well, that’s unlikely due to the many uses of a business website including customer support, lead generation, business credibility, task automation, product marketing, appointment booking and more. Besides, when it comes down to it, your website isn’t for you… it’s for your customers!

If a customer has ever asked you a question, whether that be for directions, about your products, what time you open, about your return policies, etc. then a website will help your business. If a prospective customer can’t find this information or you online, then this customer is a lot more likely to go elsewhere.

Consider how much the internet has changed in the last 10 years: smartphones, tablets, search engines and social media. It’s a different world folks, and yellow book listings just aren’t cutting it anymore. The customers are online, but are you? Unfortunately, businesses don’t see the need to change until it’s too late… this is how businesses die. Don’t die on us, 47%.

Our advice? Whatever you do, just get a website.  Do it for the customer… you know, the ones looking for you online.