Why should your school district choose Fusion Forward?

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While Fusion Forward does offer design and marketing, our repertoire actually includes a lot more. Most recently, we have helped our school district clients redesign and revamp their logos, write and distribute press releases, create engaging social media content, and more. Have questions about working with us? Let us answer them:

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Q: Why would a school district need marketing and public relations services?

A: District enrollment drives spending authority for a district. Open enrollment is becoming a challenge for all schools, therefore it is important to improve marketing and public relations efforts to not only attract new students, but to also retain the ones you have. With unique marketing tools designed to fit your school district’s needs, Fusion Forward can help you reach your goals.

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Q: Can we just have someone within our district provide these services?

A: Sure, but will the employee treat is as their #1 and sole responsibility? Fusion Forward is a professional firm focused on marketing, public relations, social media, and web development. Our services are provided on a contract basis, therefore your district does not have to provide employee benefits to someone to perform the work.


Q: Can we use SAVE/PPEL funds for the services Fusion Forward offers?

A: Yes! As long as the cost meets the definition of technology, meets the $500 per unit cost threshold in PPEL, and is a technical assistance support contract that does not include maintenance. Contact us for further information regarding using SAVE/PPEL funds to cover our services.

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Q: Do other school districts use Fusion Forward’s services?

A: Yes, Fusion Forward offers services to several school districts in the state of Iowa. Serving schools of all sizes, we can create tools for districts of any size to use.


Q: What are some examples of the services Fusion Forward provides?

A: Some of our most popular services include: website development, promotional videos, social media management, branding/logo development, billboard designs, newspaper ads, and much more. If you can dream it, we can help you bring it to life.

Fusion Forward, LLC, is an Independence, Iowa based design and marketing firm that offers a multitude of design, marketing and PR services to many industries throughout the Midwest. For more information please call (319) 334-9300 or email Visit us online to learn more about our services.